6.0 to 6.5 with legacy buckets with blank password

When adding a 6.5 node to a 6.0 cluster, I am being prompted to reset the password for the default bucket even though it has been upgraded as a legacy bucket when trying to rebalance. It appears that this is deprecated as of version 7 but is not referenced in 6.5. Is there a work-around for the moment to move forward to 6.5 and then 6.6 while the blank passwords are supposedly still allowed?

@Patrick_Figgatt Hi Patrick. Can you please provide the exact message you are seeing? This will help find where this is coming from inside the product. Thanks!

  1. Add new server to cluster.
  2. Click on rebalance.

@Patrick_Figgatt I see this message comes from the Cluster Manager service. Iā€™m hoping someone from that area can shed more light. (I work on the Index service.)

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