502 on maven repo / maven down?

We are facing 502 issues with maven at the moment. Are there any known issues with this URL?


Thanks for your help,

It’s back online and while I have no idea for sure what happened yet, one theory is that it is related to the Lets Encrypt root certificate expiration:

It looks like it’s down again

Seems fine to me, is it still down for you?

Repository seems to be down again

Just to be clear, this is blocking our release ATM, please look into this ASAP.

Also, is there any way we can include the library directly (can you provide us with AAR or similar) - this issue seems to be popping up randomly and I can’t explain to our PO that we can’t provide him with a test version because some (paid) library server is acting up.


That is a rough situation, however I just checked and it doesn’t appear to be down so from my point of view this is the same situation as last time someone posted this. They said “it is down” and I said “are you sure?” and then silence. What, more specifically, was happening?

Oh, and regarding the direct download, I have been informed that it is also on our downloads page

We were getting 502 - it seems to have recovered. If its also available for direct download we can use this version if it happens again, Thanks.

It did recover back in 21 as well. Seems to be a random glitch - but if there is an alternative download it should be ok, we will likely include it manually to prevent further incidents.

Your download link leads to a download page for Couchbase Lite.
We’re using Enterprise artifacts.

On the page, you are able to select Android Java (or Kotlin) to download the same enterprise artifacts that are available through maven.

One way to insulate yourself from future outages (which will hopefully be few and far between) would be to set up a local Sonatype Nexus instance that proxies the Couchbase Mobile Maven repository, as well as Maven Central and any other remote repositories you depend on.

My bad on the downloads page. True enough.

Yes, proxy repo is probably a better solution.