500 Internal error: Connection reset by peer


I am looking for some explanation on these error messages

2016-02-14T16:55:27.025Z HTTP: #002: POST /test-syncgw/
2016-02-14T16:55:27.026Z WARNING: Couldn’t interpret error type *net.OpError, value read tcp connection reset by peer – base.ErrorAsHTTPStatus() at error.go:63
2016-02-14T16:55:27.026Z HTTP: #002: --> 500 Internal error: read tcp connection reset by peer (3.5 ms)

My setup:

Have the sync gateway setup to run as a service on Ubuntu 14.01 LTE, with a shadow bucket. Starting the gateway things work as expected docs get synched everything is fine. But after a long gap of no activity, when I try a HTTP PUT request I see this message in the logs. Restarting the service seems to get back to normal again. Its almost like something is timing out when there is no action.

Any help greatly appreciated.