409 Conflict returning on a GET request (intermittent)

We’re on Couchbase SDK 2.5.3 (nuget giving hassles going further) and on a partially upgraded cluster (3/4 nodes are Coucbhase 5.5.1, one node is 4.5.1).

We are getting intermittent 409 Conflict on GET requests (intermittent). How can this be?

Thanks - H

When authenticating to a 5.x bucket, a new binary operation is sent called SelectBucket. We did see a bug previously were a TCP connection used to authenticate was not correctly being setup post auth but was being added to the Connection pool for a given node.

Can you provide an SDK log?
What trouble have you had upgrading to a newer version of the client?

Well, going to 2.6.1 was rejected - turns out it was because we’re not yet migrated to .NET 4.6.x

I’d swear that 2.5.4 was rejected, yesterday, but today I went to 2.5.12.

Got a link to providing SDK logs?

This link should help you setup SDK logging:

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Thanks. I’ve got a lot info to get together. Could you provide details on the bug? Was it fixed? When?


I’m looking for the details now :slight_smile: - I’ll post a link when I find it.

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Possible related issues:

If using SSL:

Once you can share an SDK log, I should be able to more accurately identify the issue.

Think we tracked it down to the way we initialize client + rebalances. We’ve got some stuff to fix, but glad we’ve picked up fixes for the bugs you listed.

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We have one developer now seeing: “A request has been made for a service that is not configured or supported by the cluster. Please check the cluster and enable or add a new node with the requested service: Data.” Our cluster is 4 nodes and all 4 nodes are Data/Query/Index. Running the same test on my box works fine. She can restart and have the same problem. Will try to have her get the client logs. Thanks.