3.0.6 Changes to FTS?

Hi folks,

I’m trying to upgrade a project to 3.0.6 from 2.7.21 and I’m having issues around the FTS

Can someone point me to a document that outlines the differences?

I can’t seem to find SearchQuery, SearchParams, ISearchQueryResults…

The documentation seems very lacking for the version 3 SDK for .Net.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hello @wchandler

There are few documentation that can be helpful

Hope it helps !

Thanks @AV25242 , I’ll look through but nothing obvious jumping out at me at the moment to cover the missing terms mentioned in my OP.

Think I’ve managed to figure the differences out now

SearchQuery is now under the ICluster and is SearchQueryAsync
SearchParams is now SearchOptions
ISearchQueryResults is not returned by SearchQueryAsync, its now ISearchResults

These seem to accept the same variables.

Hope this mapping helps someone in the future.

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Thanks @wchandler this will go into docs as well, I have notified the team.

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