2.7.27 SDK Updates


We have upgraded couchbase SDK version to 2.7.27 version. After upgrade, we are facing an issue while inserting Bucket. Same code was previously working .NET SDK version 2.2.8.

Exception :
exception: Couchbase.Core.NodeUnavailableException: The node XXX.XX.XXX.XXX:XXXXX that the key was mapped to is either down or unreachable. The SDK will continue to try to connect every 1000ms. Until it can connect every operation routed to it will fail with this exception.

We have verified that Node is available and functionality is working with older version with same couchbase configuration.

Is there any additional configuration required for Couchbase SDK 2.7.27 version?


Can you turn on logging for the Couchbase SDK and provide those logs? That was a pretty bug version bump, there may be some subtlety in the configuration that needs to be adjusted. But without more details surrounding the error it will be hard to tell.

Can you please share how we can enable debugging?

We are referring to any inbuilt support from Couchbase SDK.