2.0 DP3: return document with view query and pessimistic locking

In 1.3 there was an option to retrieve query results and include the documents immediately in the result (GetView had a look up document by Id argument). Is this still possible in 2.0 SDK? What is the recommended alternative if it is no longer possible?

There also used be the option to get a lock on an item. I am no longer seeing that option on the IBucket interface. Has this been dropped?



Not exactly the same, but you can use the IViewResult.Values property to retrieve just the value part of the view row request; the IViewResult.Rows will contain a list of a structure like this: {“id”:“id1”, “key”:“key1”, “value:value1”}.

You can use the IBucket.GetWithLock and IBucket.Unlock methods which will be available in the GA release to lock an item.