2.0.0-Beta - N1QL Query object not instantiated properly

In the current source code for 2.0.0-Beta, the N1QL Query object is not instantiated properly, the raw Query string is ignored and replaced with an empty str: str = ‘’.

I have created a new pull request for this, found: https://github.com/couchbase/couchnode/pull/17.

Is this something that was intentional to prevent the use of N1QL in 2.0.0-Beta? Otherwise, N1QL seems to be working ok once the string is passed through.

As N1QL is not released yet it will not be included in the SDK for now. The methods are marked as ignored for now.

Thanks for trying it out so, glad to hear that it worked for you! Also if you would like to contribute to couchnode we are really happy that you do, we do our codereviews via gerrit it is explained in more detail in the contributing readme thanks again.