2.0.0-Beta - multiple CAS values

I’m making a standard #get(id) call against a bucket and the return response.value is good, however, the CAS value is an array with 2 values, always.

I’m on Couchbase Version 2.5.1-1083-rel, Mac OSX.

If this is intentional, can you please explain how to use the two values in the response.cas array?

The CAS value in Couchbase is a 64bit value that is returned on the get, since JavaScript does not have a good way to represent this it is passed as a 2 value array, this is not important for the usage so.

You should always treat the CAS as an opaque value which is passed back and forth from Couchbase to you and back to Couchbase you don’t really ever need to look into it. The way this can be achieved that during construction of the object and filling it’s data via get(ID) you attach the cas to it and when writing the updated version you use the cas property to ensure no one has changed the object in the database while you modified it. And example of this is in node-couch-qa handling the loading and saving of the question list.

Hope this helps

Thanks. Makes sense.