15x slowness with retrieving keys from Couchbase bucket compare to our memcache setup

Hi All,
We are planning to migrate our Memcached environment to couchbase cluster 6.0 with couchbase bucket and using moxi for 11211 for our django 1.6.x code, while doing load test comparison between Memcached setup and couchbase 6 we face unexpected slowness 15x compare to Memcached while retrieving keys,

please find the benchmarked it with our existing memcache setup and couchbase setup

The same key is pulled 100 times and the time taken is recorded for both the setup, below is the data

Couchbase (seconds) Memcache (seconds)
1 Run 16.105552 1.966172
2 Run 15.492791 1.953174
3 Run 16.402283 1.899231
4 Run 17.528356 1.808001
5 Run 16.205774 1.963598

Please find the Script used to test is below:

import datetime
from django.core.cache import cache

total_time = 0
count = 1
category_slug = ‘panties’
while True:
t1 = datetime.datetime.now()
category_products = cache.get(“category_” + str(category_slug))
t2 = datetime.datetime.now()
t_diff = (t2-t1).total_seconds()
total_time += t_diff
#print "time taken - ", t_diff
if count == 100:
except Exception as e:
print e

count += 1

print total_time

We request you to provide quick solution how to overcome this slow response issue.