- 1009 Error in _active_tasks endpoint

I am running into an issue where I cannot restart sync after the device goes offline and back online.

I am using the active_tasks endpoint to keep track of what replications are active. when returning online I get the following response from from _active_tasks

“source”: “https://:@***.***.com:443/******”,
“status”: “Processed 9432 / 9433 changes”,
“task”: “repl001”,
“type”: “Replication”,
“progress”: 100,
“error”: [ - 1009, “The Internet connection appears to be offline.”],
“x_active_requests”: []

I have tried closing the database manager and starting it again after the device comes back online.

any thoughts on how to debug this issue?

I am manually triggering single two way replications.

What platform/version of CBL?

Platform iOS 9.3
CBL 1.2.1
Cordova iOS 4.2.0

What action are you taking, to take the device offline?

I have used toggling airplane mode on the iPhone and turning off wifi in the simulator

I tried using a native call to stop all replications on the database that was syncing but found that no replications were listed. This call was event based after the device went offline.

I have also tried using the close method on the cbl manager and then creating a new manager to try and restart the whole thing but I still get the same continuous response from the _active_tasks endpoint.

Please file a bug report on Github. Thanks!

opened an issue https://github.com/couchbase/couchbase-lite-ios/issues/1398