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If you've made some code changes, or just want to make sure your GeoCouch installation works, it's a good idea to verify it via the tests suite.

There are two different test suites. One test suite is written in Erlang, that tests mostly the data structure. The other one, written in Javascript is to test the API. Both can be run from command line.

Make sure you've run a "make dev" in the couchdb directory, before you run the GeoCouch tests.

h3. Erlang tests

To run the Erlang tests, type "make check" in your GeoCouch source directory. Make sure you've set the {{COUCH_SRC}} environment variable (or {{ERL_COMPILER_OPTIONS}} correctly) (see the GeoCouch [README|]).

For example:
$ COUCH_SRC=<couchdb>/src/couchdb make check

h3. JavaScript tests

To run the JavaScript test, you need the testrunner from the couchdb directory. It's within the source directory under {{<couchdb>/test/javascript/run}}. The tests for GeoCouch are in the GeoCouch directory under {{<geocouch>/share/www/script/test/}}. You need to run every test separately.

For example:

for testfile in <geocouch>/share/www/script/test/*.js
<couchdb>/test/javascript/run $testfile