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This is the home of the Couchbase Community. Here you can find information and resources on the best way to get involved in developing Couchbase Server, get links to documentation, and advice on running and developing with Couchbase Server.

h1. Couchbase Server
h3. Couchbase Administration
* [Couchbase Server 1.8 Manual|]
* [Couchbase Server 1.8 Releases|]
h5. Topic Links
* [Getting Started|]
* [Best Practices|]
* [Backup and Restore|]
* [Failover|]
* [Couchbase in the Cloud|]
* [Administration Web Console|]
* [Sizing Guidelines|]
* [Architecture|]
* [FAQ|]
h3. Couchbase Development
* [.NET|]
* [Java|]
* [PHP|]
* [Ruby|]
* [C|]
h1. Getting Involved
* [Writing Good Bug Reports]
* [Architecture and Source Repositories]
* [Contributing Changes]
* [Couchbase Server Simulator]
* [Test Runner]
* [Testing Cluster with Load Generator]
* [More...|Contributing to Couchbase]

h1. Getting Help
* [Documentation|]
* [Forums|]
* [Mailing List|]
* [Issue Tracker|]