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This document covers all of the individual properties and options that can be specified both on the command line and in the properties file of a Java Load Generator test.

h2. Clients Utilizing Memcached Protocol

* memaddproportion
* memappendproportion
* memcasproportion
* memdecrproportion
* memdeleteproportion
* memincrproportion
* memgetproportion
* memgetsproportion
* memprependproportion
* memreplaceproportion
* memsetproportion

h2. Clients Utilizing the Standard Database Protocol

These options are useful for running against databases that do the operations insert, update, scan, delete, read

* table (default: username) - The database table to run queries against
* fieldcount (default: 10) - The number of fields in a record
* fieldlength (default: 100) - The length of each field in bytes
* readallfields (default: true) - Read one (false) or all (true) fields
* writeallfields (default: false) - Write one (false) or all (true) fields
* readproportion (default: 0.95) - The proportion of transactions that are reads
* updateproportion (default: 0.05) - The proportion of transactions that are updates
* insertproportion (default: 0) - The proportion of transactions that are inserts
* scanproportion (default: 0) - The proportion of transactions that are scans
* readwritemodifyproportion (default: 0) - The proportion of transactions that are read-write-modify
* requestdistribution (default: uniform) - The distribution or transactions across the key space (See Request Distributions)
* maxscanlength (default: 1000) - The maximum scan length on a scan transaction in number of records
* scanlengthdistribution (default: uniform) - The distribution of scans in a scan transaction (See request Distributions)
* insertorder (default: hashed) - The insert order of records (Either hashed or ordered)
* insertstartproperty (default: 0) - Allows the load phase to proceed from multiple clients
* insertcount (default: 0) - Indicates how many inserts to do, if less than record count
* operationcount (default: 0) - Indicates the amount of operations to do on a cluster
* recordcount (default: 0) Indicates the amount of items to load on the cluster
* workload (default: ???) Indicates the workload to use