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Java Engine for Testing (JET) is a framework for distributed testing. It was designed and developed by the database technology group in Sun Microsystem in Trondheim Norway to solve the need for automatic testing of their clustered database. See for more information.

h2. Why?

So why use JET? There are a number of good reasons for using JET:
* JET was _designed_ for testing distributed software. This means that it contains all of the capabilities you need to ship bits off to a number of nodes and run software there.
* Cross platform - It is proven to work on Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux etc. This means that we're capable of automatic tests on _all_ supported platforms.
* JET is used to test a number of database systems, so it contains a number of nice utility classes to define workload on the system. Not only is the parallelism configurable, but you may also set a "think time" per operation to simulate real applications. This allows you to create more realistic test scenarios and simulate a real world application.

h2. Installation

There are no binary downloads available at this time, but it is fairly easy to build and install the software yourself. Just follow the instructions at the following pages: