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In order to use mc-loader you must first make sure that you have the software packages that mc-laoder runs on. These packages are below.

* libevent
* memcached
* libmemcached
* cyrus-sasl

h3. Installing mc-loader

If you don't already have these software packages you can execute the following commands in order to get them.

*To install libevent do the following:*
wget []
tar zxpfv libevent\*
cd libevent\*
make install

*To install memcached do the following:*
(Note: check for the latest version of memcached)
wget []
tar zxpfv memcached\*
cd memcached\*
make install

*To install libmemcached do the following:*
wget []
tar xzf libmemcached-0.43.tar.gz
cd libmemcached-0.43
make install

*To install cyrus-sasl:*
yum install cyrus-sasl-devel

h3. Running mc-loader

mc-loader <server>:<port> <keyset> \[check\] \[binary\] \[valuesize size\] \[sasl username:password\]

_To load a key set into memcached or membase with 1024 byte keys:_
mc-loader <server>:<port> <keyset file path> binary 1024

To check a key set that has already been loaded:
mc-loader <server>:<port> <keyset file path> check binary 1024

h3. Generating key sets