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As with all Open Source projects, there are a great many ways one can contribute.  The project can use help with everything from [reporting bugs|] when found to writing new code modules.

Before reporting issues, please take a look at our thoughts on [how to report a bug|couchbase:Writing Good Bug Reports].

Couchbase consists of a set of projects, which when integrated, become the software installed on cluster nodes. 

Couchbase, users, developers and other contributors collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously using mailing lists, forums, and chat.  [couchbase:Home] covers the various options; these are great places to find and discuss your ideas for contributions to the project.

The high-level architecture and the component overview is described in our [architecture|].

You can get access to the sources via our [Source Repositories].

Once you have the sources, here is [Building Couchbase from Source] the source.

Once you have created your change, we have a section in the wiki describing how to [contribute the change back to the community|couchbase:Contributing changes] via getting the code reviewed.