Guide to Sample Databases

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This page includes some notes on Sample Databases included in 2.0.

Document Naming Conventions

Use Human Readable Key Names, spaces change to "_"

document key: new_belgium

Use "-" as separator in key parts for cross operating system filename compatibility

document key: new_belgium-fat_tire

Normalize names to ASCII-7, make lowercase and remove punctuation

document key: "borsodi_sorgyar"
json key: { "brewery_name": "Borsodi Sörgyár" }

Use "type" in Document as json key for use in Views (Secondary Index/Query)

document key: new_belgium
value: { "type": "brewery", ... }

document key: new_belgium-fat_tire
value: { "type": "beer", ... }

Complex Models

When modeling, use the Document Naming conventions wherever possible, if you run into a situation where unique name-keys cannot be generated from the data, then other key paradigms can be used.

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