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Smartphones are becoming more popular than laptops. This explosion of growth has already made mobile applications into a hit product category, but this wave is just beginning. Custom apps are moving into the enterprise for jobs like electronic medical records, point of sale, on-site service, industrial automation, and inventory tracking.

Couchbase Mobile Syncpoint offers a common data layer across mobile devices and the cloud, providing real-time synchronization, backup and sharing. With Syncpoint, changes made on one device appear instantly in your cloud and on other devices, powering secure multi-user interactive applications. A managed approach to connectivity relieves developers from the common chore of network error handling, so they can focus on creating value. High-throughput storage and object-level deduplication come from Couchbase Server integration, as well as top-down clarity with incremental map reduce across your aggregate data.

Today we have:

Couchbase Mobile Syncpoint: preparing initial release.

Mobile SDKs: The client libraries based on the original Erlang CouchDB codebase: [iOS], [Android].

TouchDB: Experimental CouchDB sync-compatible native code for iOS and Android.

For community interaction, the best place to start is the mobile Couchbase mailing list

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