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h1.{anchor:h.812ur27q5v09}{*}Resources and Schedule*
h2.{anchor:h.h3tyv05kvh0r}Projected Availability:
This project would be delivered in Couchbase Server 3.0+.
h2.{anchor:h.hnl10gwid0q}Cost of Effort:
h1.{anchor:h.dkn6zf7ju86l}{*}Prototype Availability*
h2.{anchor:h.xno4q3plum87}Prototype Availability:
It'd be expected that builds in leading to 3.0 it's release or separate builds would deliver the first prototype, likely with reference implementation and documentation being lead by the libcouchbase project.
h2.{anchor:h.radmqv9tz7iq}Prototype Cost:
Since this is a committed change, cost has not been estimated.
Updated on 2014-02-25. Indicate metadata must be returned with range gets. Added list of Open Questions. Moved question on the range to the open questions. Added options on statistics.
Minor updates on 2014-03-11. Posted on community wiki.
Updated to indicate release is post 3.0 on 2014-03-11. This was always intended before publication, but it wasn't changed.