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h2. [#Using Multiple Buckets with the CouchbaseClient]

It is not possible to configure (in app|web.config) a single instance of a CouchbaseClient to work with multiple buckets. Though it is possible to programmatically reconstruct a client to work with multiple buckets, it is not recommended. The process of creating a client is expensive (relative to other Couchbase operations) and should ideally be done once per app domain.

h2. [#Handling Failures with the Operation Results API]

The standard public API (i.e., Get, Store, etc.) exposed by the .NET Client Library is based largely on the .NET Memcached client library Enyim.Caching. These methods were created to support the use case of working with a distributed cache - not a persistent store. As a result, these methods return simple values and swallow exceptions.

h2. [#Using the CouchbaseClient in a WCF Application]

Unlike web applications, Windows services and console applications, WFC services are stateless. Typically, each client request is handled by a new instance of the service. This behavior makes it hard to manage a CouchbaseClient in the recommended way - once per app domain (or HTTPApplication instance).

h2. [#Bulk Loading]

The code below is ported from the Java discussion on bulk loading in this wiki. See [Bulk Loading|] for more information.