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*Difficulty* : Hard

-h3. 2. *Add data structure support in Couchbase*

*Description*: Application use different data structures for different functions. For example, queues can be implemented using lists and state can be stored using hash signatures. In this project, you'll extend Couchbase to support advanced data structures such as Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets and Hashes. These data structures need to be in-memory and persisted on disk.
*Expected results*: After this project is completed, application should be able to store different data structures in Couchbase.
*Knowledge* : C/C+\+ and updates to Couchbase client (Java, .Net, C/C++)
*Difficulty* : Medium-

h3. 3. *In-Memory compression technique for Couchbase*
*Difficulty*: Medium

-h3. 7. *Mobile Application on Couchbase*

*Description*: Over the summer, you'll get a chance to team up with a member of the Couchbase mobile team to come up with a multidata driven mobile application built using [Couchbase Lite|].
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*Knowledge*: You should be comfortable with iOS or Android UI programming, and interested to learn about NoSQL databases and cloud API's
*Difficulty*: Medium-

h3. 8. *Couchbase Worker Queue*