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h2. Diagnostics/Logs

h3. cbcollect_info

Diagnostics/logs will give us further detail around the issue itself and the health of your environment.

Run {{cbcollect_info}} on *all nodes in the cluster*, and upload all of the resulting files to us.

h3. cbhealthchecker

In Couchbase Server 2.1, we introduced a tool called [cbhealthchecker|] that is designed to be run on a currently-live cluster. It gathers statistics and other information and provides alerts on proper sizing or other problems.

Along with the above collection of cbcollect_info, please run this tool against the cluster as well and provide us with the output. Note that you do not need to run it for each node or bucket, just once against the whole cluster.

And example running it is:
[root@localhost ~]# /opt/couchbase/bin/cbhealthchecker -c localhost -u Administrator -p password
bucket: default
node: 11210
node: 11210

The run finished successfully.
Please find html output at '/root/reports/2013-05-30_19-53-23.html' and text output at '/root/reports/2013-05-30_19-53-23.txt'.
[root@localhost ~]#

h2. Sharing Files with Us