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*Difficulty* : Medium

*4. Integrate [Google Breakpad|]*
*Description*: Couchbase relies on coredumps being available on the system in order to gather crash information back to engineering. In some deployments, users prefer to not have this enabled  since it takes for instance a fair amount of time to dump core of a binary with a 64GB memory footprint, and a fair amount of diskspace. In these circumstances it would be better to gather some simple diagnostics instead of just the simple "the program crashed".

The goal of this project is to integrate [Google Breakpad|] into the various components of Couchbase, and make it configurable to enable it.
*Expected results*: All components of Couchbase may be configured to use Google Breakpad (including documentation on how to enable/disable this), and the crash information is submitted as part of the generated diagnostic sent back from Couchbase.
*Knowledge*: C/C+\+ and build systems

*5. CBFS Blob Chunking*
*Description*: [CBFS|] (a.k.a Couchbase Large Object Store) is built on top of Couchbase Server.
File content in CBFS is represented as a single sequence of bits.  Large files require large blobs to move around during replication.  Small changes to large blobs require full duplication of the common parts.  Simple block-based chunking will make it a lot easier to move bits around and make appends (for example) cheaper.
*Expected results*: cbfs has file \-> \[blob, ...\] instead of file \-> blob

*6. Couchbase Drupal Adapter*
*Description*: Write an adapter to run the [drupal|] platform on Couchbase.
*Expected results*: After this project is completed, Couchbase should be the primary backend platform for Drupal.
*Knowledge*: PHP

*7. Mobile Application on Couchbase*
*Description*: Over the summer, you'll get a chance to team up with a member of the Couchbase mobile team to come up with a multidata driven mobile application built using Couchbase Lite. [Couchbase Lite|].
*Expected results*: An application that uses Couchbase Lite for storage and sync. Potential applications include (but not limited to):