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{color:#000000}{*}When the Bootstrap Node for a Client Fails{*}{color}

In this case, there are two differ
If the bootstrap node, which is always the first URI in the list of URIs supplied to the client, happens to fail, the client will walk the list of URIs until it finds a system which can service it's requests.

This is currently implemented two different ways.

In some clients (Java), the persistent failure of operations over a period of time is treated as a reason to distrust the current operating configuration.  This will make the client attempt to re-bootstrap.  

In other clients (.NET), the client will make a small request of all nodes of the cluster on a regular basis to verify connectivity.  If any node is seen as not available, the client will attempt to re-bootstrap.

{color:#000000}{*}Starting a Client When the Cluster is Unreachable{*}{color}

The client will fail to initialize.  The application should handle this condition appropriately.