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*Support email:*
*Support phone number:* \+1-650-417-7500, option #1
*Support portal:* []

To speed up the resolution of your issue, we will need some information to troubleshoot what is going on. The more information you can provide in the questions below the faster we will be able to identify your issue and propose a fix:

h2. Diagnostics/Logs
h2. Couchbase Server Logs

Diagnostics/logs The Couchbase Server logs will give us further detail around the issue itself and the health of your environment.

* [cbcollect_info|] is a command line utility that provides us with detailed statistics for a specific node. Example usage:
* Before collecting logs, we recommend temporarily turning off [auto-failover|]

* Linux
{code}/opt/couchbase/bin/cbcollect_info <node_name>.zip{code}
h3. Couchbase Server 4.x and Couchbase Server 3.x

* Introduced in Couchbase Server 3.0, the [Web console|] provides a method to collect and upload logs to Couchbase Support.
Please leave the "Upload to host:" option as the default **&nbsp;&nbsp;
* !|border=1,width=75%,height=75%!
Alternatively the CLI command [cbcollect_info|] is also available &nbsp;

h3. Couchbase Server 2.x cbcollect_info

* [cbcollect_info|] is a command line utility that provides us with detailed statistics for a specific node.
* Run {{cbcollect_info}} on each node individually, not on all simultaneously.

Example usage:

* Linux (run as root or use sudo as below)
{code}sudo /opt/couchbase/bin/cbcollect_info <node_name>.zip{code}

* Windows (run as an administrator)
{code}C:\Program Files\Couchbase\Server\bin\cbcollect_info <node_name>.zip{code}

Run `cbcollect_info` {{cbcollect_info}} on *all nodes in the cluster*, and upload all of the resulting files to us.

h2. Sharing Files with Us

The Collect Info cb_collect_info tool can result in large files. Simply run the command below, replacing `<FILE NAME>` {{<FILE NAME>}} and `<COMPANY NAME>`, {{<COMPANY NAME>}}, to upload a file to our cloud storage on Amazon AWS. Make sure you leave *include* the last slash ("/") character after the company name.


Note: we ship curl with couchbase, on linux this is located in /opt/couchbase/bin/

h3. Firewalled Couchbase Nodes

If your Couchbase nodes do not have internet access, the best way to provide the logs to us is to copy the files then run Curl from a machine with internet access. We ship a Windows curl binary as part of Couchbase, so if you have Couchbase Server installed on a laptop or other system which has an Internet connection you can upload from there. Alternatively you can download standalone Curl for Windows:


Once uploaded, please send an e-mail to letting us know what files have been uploaded.