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** Go through gerrit's Settings screen and set up your SSH keys. _IMPORTANT_: - do not forget to setup your username on the Settings screen.
** Again, the username setup in gerrit \-> Settings \-> SSH Keys ([,ssh-keys|,ssh-keys]) is important. Folks have been bitten for not doing the username setup while setting up SSH keys.

** Add an entry for to your .ssh/config file: {code}
Port 29418
User <Your gerrit Username>
{code} This will enable anonymous ssh to gerrit (ssh -p 29418
* And setup your contact information if you'd rather use a different Email address.

* Read [this information about good commit messages|]!
* Read [this blog post about good commit messages|]!
* The best commit messages are like little blog posts.
** These can help to "sell" your commit to the community.
* Here's examples where the commit message was much longer than the actual fix, but provided useful context as those one-liner fixes can sometimes be very intricate...
** [Change 652|] 652|]
** [Change 963|] 963|]
* On style, don't have giant long lines, especially on your first summary line. More detailed information can be found
* The best commits, too, are just like UNIX Philosophy.