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{color:#222222}    # resources needed at runtime. Copy it into the app bundle:{color}
{color:#222222}    rsync \-a "${SRCROOT}/Frameworks/Couchbase.framework/CouchbaseResources" "${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/${UNLOCALIZED_RESOURCES_FOLDER_PATH}"{color}

*NOTE: If you use Subversion for Revision Control, and check in the Couchbase framework, then you should exclude the `.svn` sub-directories by adding the flag \-\-exclude '.svn'*

{color:#5b5352}That’s it for the project setup. In your application code, you’ll need to start the CouchbaseMobile server at launch time. See {color}[CouchbaseMobile.h|]{color:#5b5352} for the interface, and see{color}[EmptyAppDelegate.m|]{color:#5b5352} for an example of how to call it, or stick with us, here is all you need to do:{color}
{color:#5b5352} {color}