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* Login using your favorite OpenID provider.

* Send [me|,,%20I'm%20a%20gerrit%20user] the email address you came in with so he can add you to the right gerrit group (otherwise you'll see only a couple or fewer fixes for review (these are likely open-source fixes)). A correctly enabled account should see lots of activity.
* Go to the [gerrit settings|] and click on "Agreements" on the left hand side. Contributor agreements are needed for all projects except spymemcached. _Note to Couchbase employees_: you should contact the helpdesk as your process is slightly different.

* While you wait for approval...
** Go through gerrit's Settings screen and set up your SSH keys. _IMPORTANT_: - do not forget to setup your username on the Settings screen.
** Again, the username setup in gerrit \-> Settings \-> SSH Keys ([,ssh-keys|,ssh-keys]) is important. Folks have been bitten for not doing the username setup while setting up SSH keys.