Design of REST interface to Couchbase NGINX module

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This document describes the REST API exposed to access Couchbase

What it doesn't describe:
{note:title=Open Questions}
* Expose documents and views APIs through the same HTTP socket.
** Let people operate on two endpoints separately and optionally map them to the endpoints they want. It will be the most natural way with nginx, where everything built around {{location}} entity.
** Develop some standard schema prefixes like {{_doc/}} and {{_design}}, to allow to reference them, but here is another question "do we need to inject prefix in all places, like view results?"
* Represent document keys so that they could be passed in URI. Urlencoding is quite common, but in views the server is using base64
* Unlike memcache protocol, it should also encode bodies of the documents somehow, therefore MIME support. How we should do it?
* [low priority] Evaluate what we need to support CouchApp-like deployment:
** authentication and authorization!
** proxy to syncgateway instead to raw couchbase?
** new API to store attachments somewhere
** additional useful APIs, like lists (can be done with multi-get)

* auth scheme, on this step you might only protect your API endpoint
using nginx built-in means

There are several terms we are using while describing this API.