Couchbase Situational Behaviors

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{color:#333333}The application code may retry this operation shortly after the rebalance completes and it will most likely be handled normally.{color}

{color:#333333}Application developers are advised to consider what is appropriate for their application in this circumstance.{color}

{color:#333333}The issue related to this behavior is [MB-5406|].{color}

{color:#333333}The issue related to this behavior is{color} {color:#333333}[MB-5406|]{color}{color:#333333}.{color}

In this scenario, data is migrating from the node being removed to the node being added.  Frequently this is referred to as a _swap rebalance._  

{color:#333333}All data operations and query operations will continue to operate normally.  Again a{color}{color:#333333}pplication code should not be able to discern (other than effects to resource utilization) that anything is happening.{color}

{note}{color:#333333}Application code may see the same errors described in the section above about removing a node due to the same underlying issue. See the note in that section for recommendations.{color}{note}

h2. Node Failures