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*Under normal operation the cluster should be in a “stable” state and the configuration shouldn't change. If your application is using short lived connections or a lot of connections from the same machine you are constantly requesting the server to give you the current configuration of the server. These are HTTP streaming requests which ns_server isn’t implementing very efficiently (slow to set up and requires a fair amount of resources in ns_server). As an example it takes 18 seconds to connect 1000 clients on the loop back interface on my quad-core amd AMD machine with 4 GB memory.*

*The idea is to use a local cache in the file system on the clients so that the clients don’t talk to ns_server unless there is an actual change in the cluster topology.*

h1. Cleanup

Given that the cache is indtended to be accessed from multiple processes at the same time the user is responsible for deleting the cachefile and the lockfile when it is no longer in use.

h1. Implementation