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//The key has been modified
var result = client.ExecuteStore(StoreMode.Set, "foo", "{ \"message\" : \"bar\" }", ReplicateTo.2);
client.ExecuteStore(StoreMode.Set, "foo", "{ \"message\" : \"not bar\" }", W.2); //someone changes it
Assert.That(result.Success, Is.False);
Assert.That(result.Message, Is.StringMatching("Modified"));

//result.Success would be true only if the key is successfully persisted to the master and at least 1 slave.
var result = client.ExecuteStore(StoreMode.Set, "foo", "{ \"message\" : \"bar\" }", PersistLevel.Disk, PersistTo.MasterSlave);
Assert.That(result.Success, Is.True);

//combining the two durability checks
var result = client.ExecuteStore(StoreMode.Set, "foo", "{ \"message\" : \"bar\" }", PersistLevel.Memory, PersistTo.Master, ReplicateTo.2);