Personalization is fast becoming an opportunity, as well as a challenge. It’s an opportunity to make the right engagement – an ad, a coupon, a recommendation, and more – with the right visitor at the right time. Whereas the ability to ingest, process, and utilize the amount of data necessary to create personalized experiences is a challenge for relational databases, Couchbase Server effortlessly meets those requirements.

What's hard for a relational database... ...is easy for Couchbase Server.

Manage large volumes of fast changing data and new data types, at high speed: Relational databases struggle to meet the high throughput requirements for personalization, and due to their rigid schemas, they can’t easily accommodate new and evolving data types

Thanks to its memory-centric architecture, integrated cache, and elastic scalability, Couchbase Server delivers high throughput required for personalization, and its flexible, JSON-based data model easily accommodates any kind of data

Support many concurrent users: Due to their “scale up” architecture, scaling a relational database is complex and expensive

With its scale-out distributed architecture, Couchbase Server provides fast, affordable, “push-button” scalability

Zero downtime: Relational databases require significant downtime for things like upgrades, changes to the data model, and maintenance

With features like automatic data replication and the ability to roll out upgrades and data model changes without any downtime required, Couchbase Server delivers always-on availability


Customer Spotlight

AOL Powers Billions of Targeted Ads with Couchbase Server

Advertising.com, owned by AOL, is one of the largest ad networks in the world with billions of impression per month and hundreds of millions of visitors. Clickstream data is fed to Hadoop for analysis, generating visitor profiles that are stored and accessed in real time from within Couchbase Server. Advertising.com leverages the Couchbase Server plugin for Sqoop, certified by Cloudera, to import and export data to and from Hadoop. In addition, after ads are served, visitor profiles are updated to improve ad targeting and placement. The integrated cache in Couchbase Server allows visitor profiles for active campaigns to be resident in memory to deliver sub-millisecond response times, while the flexible data model enables Advertising.com to continuously refine targeting algorithms by enriching the data.


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