Today, some 20 billion devices are connected to the Internet – everything from smartphones and tablets to home appliances and systems installed in cars, hospitals, and warehouses. These devices receive data on environment, location, movement, temperature, weather, and more from 50 billion sensors. This data can be leveraged by enterprises in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, security, transportation, and many other industries. Whereas the volume, velocity, and variety of IoT data overwhelms relational databases, Couchbase Server provides a high performance, highly scalable solution for IoT applications.

What's hard for a relational database... ...is easy for Couchbase Server.

Manage massive datasets (e.g. billions of data points): Due to their “scale up” architecture, scaling a relational database is complex and expensive, and incurs system downtime

With its scale-out distributed architecture, Couchbase Server provides fast, affordable, “push-button” scalability with zero downtime

Ingest data at very high velocity: Relational databases struggle to meet the high throughput requirements for IoT applications

Thanks to its memory-centric architecture, integrated cache, and elastic scalability, Couchbase Server delivers the high throughput required for IoT applications

Capture new and evolving data types: Due to their rigid schemas, relational databases cannot easily accommodate new and evolving data types

Couchbase Server’s document-oriented, JSON-based data model easily accommodates any kind of data


Customer Spotlight

Fortune 100 Telecom Delivers IoT App with Couchbase Server to Track Connected Devices

A Fortune 100 telecommunications company chose Couchbase Server to power a new service enabling enterprise customers to monitor and manage devices connected to corporate networks. With the new service, customers can track and manage any type of connected device. In addition to phones, computers, and printers, the service can monitor other connected devices - alarms, lights, HVAC systems, locks, industrial equipment, and more - to provide customers with the visibility necessary to optimize device and network utilization for increased efficiency and reduced costs. The memory-centric architecture and integrated cache enable Couchbase Server to ingest usage data at high speed while stream based indexing enables it to create real-time views of the data.


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