For financial services enterprises, fraud detection and risk analytics are essential to reducing profit loss, minimizing financial exposure, and complying with regulations. The process impacts both the enterprise and its customers: It relies on data – rules, customer information, transaction information, location, time of day, and more – applied at scale and in real-time. Whereas relational databases struggle to meet the real time and scalability requirements for fraud detection, Couchbase Server delivers a highly scalable, low latency solution.

What's hard for a relational database... ...is easy for Couchbase Server.

Update frequently changing data and data types: Due to their rigid schemas, relational databases cannot easily accommodate frequent data model changes

Couchbase Server’s document-oriented, JSON-based data model accommodates any kind of data and changes on the fly

Provide real time responsiveness: Relational databases cannot deliver the speed and performance required for real-time response

Leveraging its integrated cache, Couchbase Server delivers sub-millisecond performance required for real time response

Process very high volume of interactions: Relational databases struggle to meet the high throughput required for fraud detection processing

Thanks to its memory-centric architecture and elastic scalability, Couchbase Server delivers the high throughput to support a high volume of operations


Customer Spotlight

Couchbase Server Powers a Leading Fraud Detection Platform

A leading fraud detection platform, which processes 65% of the world’s credit and debit card transactions, is powered by Couchbase Server. Its customers include some of the largest financial institutions in the world, each with hundreds of millions of cardholders. The company selected Couchbase Server as a distributed database for the fraud detection platform, because its integrated, in-memory cache enables sub-millisecond access to customer data and fraud detection rules, and because it can scale with an increasing number of cardholders and transactions in a cost effective manner.


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