Today’s world relies on digital communication in the form of mobile text messaging, online chat, real-time collaboration, and more. However, enabling millions of users to communicate in real-time requires both high performance and always-on availability at scale, which is a challenge for relational databases. With its memory-centric distributed architecture, automatic replication, and elastic scalability, Couchbase Server meets the requirements for global, Internet-scale digital communications.

What's hard for a relational database... ...is easy for Couchbase Server.

Support massive datasets, possibly billions of messages: Due to their “scale up” architecture, scaling a relational database is complex and expensive

With its scale-out distributed architecture, Couchbase Server provides fast, affordable, “push-button” scalability

Provide real time responsiveness and performance: Relational databases cannot deliver the speed and performance required for real-time response

Leveraging its integrated cache, Couchbase Server delivers sub-millisecond performance required for real time response

Zero downtime: Relational databases require significant downtime for things like upgrades, changes to the data model, and maintenance

With features like automatic data replication and the ability to roll out upgrades and data model changes without any downtime required, Couchbase Server delivers always-on availability


Customer Spotlight

LivePerson Leverages Couchbase Server to Power Real-Time Chat

LivePerson helps over 8,500 enterprise customers better engage their website visitors. They considered MongoDB and Cassandra, but chose Couchbase Server because it met all of their requirements including high availability, full text search, document handling, key/value storage, high performance, cross data center replication, and more. Their agents rely on a dashboard to monitor and chat with website visitors in real time. The dashboard is powered by Couchbase Server views to sort, filter, and aggregate streams of website visitor data.


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