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Transform your organization by improving the collection and sharing of data across government agencies. Couchbase simplifies the process of pulling data from multiple sources and mobilizing it so employees and constituents can access better information in the office, in the field, and at home. We provide a single platform that collects data from different sources, manages it, and securely routes it to and from the edge, ensuring it’s always available both online and offline.

Couchbase solution

Challenge: Siloed data

Managing business-critical data in disparate systems makes it more difficult to access and integrate. As datasets emerge from increasingly varied sources and grow larger, it also becomes more challenging to capture, store, and deliver data to your remote workforce.

With Couchbase: Manage business data from one platform

Eliminate database sprawl with a single platform that spans your field service applications and powers web and mobile applications. Couchbase manages and delivers business-critical data to your remote workforce so they can focus on getting their jobs done.

Challenge: Offline-first is hard to achieve

It’s difficult to architect data management solutions that bring centrally managed data to the edge, and making sure that data is always available online and offline is complicated and costly. Existing applications built with connected architectures (such as RESTful) can’t meet today’s availability and performance needs.

With Couchbase: Apps work online and offline

Couchbase manages data from the datacenter to the device, taking care of the storage, synchronization (including peer-to-peer), and security of your data. Our platform includes built-in sync and an embedded database for your mobile devices so you can deliver an always-on experience for your mobile users, even with spotty networks and dropped connections.

Challenge: Security at the edge

Data security outside the cloud, such as over the web and on devices, is hard to define and contain. It’s even more challenging when you have to manage data flowing in from other sources.

With Couchbase: Secure and manage edge data with ease

Safeguard your company’s data with built-in enterprise-grade security from the cloud to the edge. With Couchbase you can manage access control and secure your data wherever it is – on the web or on a device.

Industry use cases & solutions

Mobile government

Streamline operations with high performance, easy scalability, and efficient data sync between the edge and the cloud.

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Digital modernization

Manage devices, apps, and data securely and affordably to provide high-quality services anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Virtual healthcare

Quickly deliver next-gen healthcare applications with forecasting systems that provide real-time alerts, data, and analysis.

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Federal financials

Enable remote workers to report claims, manage fraud prevention, and collect data even without a reliable network connection.

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RDBMS migration

Use one platform to meet all the demands of modern applications, including flexible schemas, auto-scaling, and mobile support.

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Reference architecture

The following example of an architecture built with Couchbase shows a government application that can synchronize offline activities, caching, data warehouses, case management systems, biometrics, and AI/ML. It can also search or analyze any unstructured or semi-structured data both online and offline.

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