Scaling, High Availability & Disaster Recovery

CE will, by its nature, be easier to scale than a relational database, but Capella is easier to scale, more cost-effective, and with better performance. Cappella offers multi-dimensional scaling that allows customers to tune workloads to hardware. Services can be assigned to specific nodes and those nodes can be adjusted (RAM, number of cores, and disk speed) to get align hardware to need, reducing costs.

Customers can add nodes and adjust configurations with a few clicks and rebalancing happens automatically. Capella also uses the latest version of the Couchbase Server in order to drive maximum throughput and the lowest latency.

CE was not designed or meant for the same sort of high availability needs as our Enterprise version and does not support our cross datacenter replication, XDCR.

XDCR is one of our customers’ most popular features. It is a cost-effective solution for automated active-active geo-distribution of data, business continuity during a crisis, and hybrid deployments. Customers can control replica subsets by region, sensitivity levels, and other granular factors, helping meet compliance regulations and making for shorter recovery windows and overall improved performance.