What’s Disrupting the Database Status Quo (and What You Should Do About It)

For many years, a handful of database providers have controlled nearly 80% of the market. However, there are a growing number of indicators that a shift may be underway, the most visible example being Oracle’s recently announced decline in quarterly license revenue. In this webinar, Bob Wiederhold, CEO of Couchbase, will offer insights into what’s driving the change in the database market, and highlight considerations for making database choices in light of this change.

Moving from MySQL to Couchbase

Many organizations are making the shift from relational databases to NoSQL. In this webinar we'll cover the important things you need to keep in mind in moving from MySQL to Couchbase for your application.

Transitioning from RDBMS to NoSQL

While the hype surrounding “NoSQL” (non-relational) database technology has become deafening, there is real substance beneath the often exaggerated claims. In this webinar you will learn: the main characteristics of document-oriented databases, the differences between a distributed document-oriented and relational database and implications for application development to ease the transition from RDBMS to NoSQL.