Future of Open Source Survey 2016

Please join us to learn the results of the 2016 Future of Open Source Survey. 

Today, open source drives technology and development forward. Its adoption worldwide is visible in companies ranging in size from a single employee to companies like Microsoft and Apple. All of these organizations rely on open source to innovate, reduce development costs, and speed time to market. In this evolving market, important questions remain about open source management, security, policies and procedures, and governance.

The Future of Open Source Survey includes input from new players, established leaders, and influencers across vertical markets and communities. This range of respondents drives broad industry awareness and discussions of key issues.

Please join these industry influencers as they review the top level results from the survey, and bring your questions. 

Jeffrey Hammond - Forrester Research @jhammond
Paul Santinelli - North Bridge @paulsantinelli
Lou Shipley - Black Duck Software @loushipley
Jay Jay Billings - Oak Ridge National Laboratory @jayjaybillings

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Finally! Secure Enterprise Apps that Sync and Scale

The world is growing more mobile every day – for both your customers and your employees. To keep pace, businesses face constant pressure to enhance customer-facing mobile apps, display customer information at the click of a button, keep employee devices always connected, and provide real-time data for all users.


Join our webinar to learn how Couchbase is transforming how industry leaders run their businesses. We’ll cover:


  • Key requirements for mobile applications, including an embedded database, offline support, multi-platform support, and enterprise security

  • Common use cases addressed by Couchbase Mobile, including offline data access and management, local caching, real-time eventing, and peer-to-peer device communication

  • How companies like GE and Ryanair are using Couchbase Mobile to give their customers a seamless mobile user experience across all their platforms

NoSQL – No (Security) Problem

It’s unmistakable. Organizations both big and small are moving to Big Data because of the information they can gather and leverage. This data is so valuable because of the insights it provides and its ability to better position the company with the customer as well as the board. But these are not the only groups that are interested in Big Data. Criminals, miscreants and evildoers are also interested in getting their hands on this information to exploit credentials and other secret information for their own gain.

In this session, we will discuss the common security issues that companies must deal with when moving to Big Data, as well as key steps you can take when deploying NoSQL to ensure that Big Data works for you rather than opening additional vulnerabilities in places you may have never considered.