Building a full stack application with NoSQL, Go, and Angular 2

This 5-part webinar series takes you step-by-step from installing Couchbase to building a full stack application using Couchbase, Go and Angular 2. The application enables organizations to perform safety/quality control compliance using simplified workflows with a social platform interface. You’ll learn how to create workflows, assign team members, snap photos, and leverage the power of collaborative teamwork using Couchbase.


Data Modeling, Data Querying, and NoSQL: A Deep Dive

In this talk we'll look at how it all starts by getting the data model right and understanding what patterns can help avoid common traps like hot spots and problems with concurrent access. Next we'll cover the new SQL-like languages that allow us to query semi-structured data in a more familiar way, such as N1QL.


  • How a flexible data model and structured query language simplifies development
  • Best practices for data modeling — when to embed data; when to reference it
  • How to do SQL-like queries on semi-structured data