How LinkedIn Scales NoSQL for 300 Million+ Users

Shane will dive into LinkedIn’s use of a high-performing, scalable database that powers their metric visualization engine, ultimately delivering 400K operations/second on just four server nodes. You'll also learn the six key requirements companies like LinkedIn look at when using a high-performance, low-cost caching technology, advantages and disadvantages of common solutions, including Oracle Coherence and memcached, and how to implement and deploy a caching technology within your existing environment.

NoSQL’s role in solving Moody’s Analytics big data challenge

Join Moody's Analaytics to learn more about the nuances involved in figuring out their initial data strategy problem, challenges they faced when searching for the “silver bullet” technology, and where NoSQL fits into their data strategy roadmap.

Welcome to the Couchbase Golang SDK

Join us for this webinar to learn more about Couchbase's officially supported Golang SDK. Build a sample REST API application that leverages the blazingly fast performance of Couchbase Server and dynamic query capabilities with the Couchbase Query API and N1QL.