How Firefly Logic built an awesome online/offline app

In just 4 weeks, Firefly was able to build a high-quality mobile conference app for 1,200+ attendees with features like immediately available event data, user account creation, secure contact sharing and more. Learn how they did it using Xamarin and Couchbase Mobile.

Couchbase 103: Modeling for 3.0

In Couchbase 103 for 3.0, you'll learn the fundamentals of creating data models with Couchbase 3.0 including modeling, JSON strategies, common key patterns. We'll also explore modeling differences between NOSQL and RDBMS systems.

Diving into the NoSQL Technical Comparison Report

Join Renat Khasanshyn, CEO Altoros and Shane Johnson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase in this NoSQL Technical Comparison Webinar. The variety of NoSQL databases makes it difficult to select the best database for a particular case. Learn what information you need to consider when evaluating NoSQL databases.

Couchbase 101: Server Fundamentals for 3.0

In this How-To NoSQL webinar, learn about Couchbase's Core Architecture and extreme database performance. Todd will take you through strong consistency, durability performance at scale and concepts such as basic administration, monitoring and setup. Learn how to build and scale a cluster and administer buckets.