Webinar Series: Couchbase Data Platform's Latest Innovations

In today’s digital economy, nothing changes faster than customer expectations. That’s why the Couchbase Data Platform is built on the most powerful NoSQL technology available. It provides unmatched agility, manageability, and performance at any scale so you can deliver extraordinary customer experiences that get even better over time.

Sign up for our complete Couchbase Data Platform webinar series where you’ll get a detailed look at key updates:

  • Ensuring High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Couchbase 5.0

  • N1QL Queries, Tools, and Other Developer Features: What’s New in Couchbase 5.0

  • Unleashing New Powers of N1QL and Indexing in Couchbase 5.0

  • Securing Your Couchbase Server With Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

  • Rapid Text Search in Couchbase 5

Meet the database built for the age of customer experience

Join this webinar to learn why innovative experiences require innovative technology – and why yesterday’s transactional and analytical databases simply aren’t up to the task. You’ll also meet the Engagement Database, specifically designed to build agile, responsive, and scalable applications for amazing web, mobile, and IoT experiences.

James Curtis from 451 Research and David Segleau from Couchbase will discuss the market forces behind the CX revolution and how the Engagement Database is built to power your digital transformation (DX).

Webinar Gratuito in Italiano su Couchbase NoSQL venerdì 9 Giugno alle 14:30 CET. N1QL, un ponte tra SQL e NoSQL

Couchbase è l’unica base dati NoSQL architettata per consolidare strati multipli di funzionalità:

  • Portando la semplicità, velocità e le prestazioni di un key-value database, 
  • La flessibilità di una base dati documentale,
  • l’ultra-bassa latenza di una Cache,
  • Un supporto per dispositivi mobili a tutto tondo con spazio di archiviazione sul dispositivo e sincronizzazione. 


Questa tecnologia aspira ad essere la base dati operazionale di prima scelta per i Digital Transformers ed è sulla buona strada per essere considerata come tale dalla comunità informatica. Per avere successo in questa economia digitale piena di competizione le aziende hanno bisogno di costruire applicazioni web di qualità su dispositivi mobili e IoT, in grado di offrire agli utenti un’esperienza quanto più positiva possibile, semplificare l’amministrazione e tagliare i costi. E tutto questo dipende in maniera critica dalle capacità della base dati operazionale sottostante le applicazioni stesse.

Why are customers replacing Oracle with NoSQL and how are they doing it?

This webinar will provide practical, experience-based advice and best practices for moving applications from RDBMS to Couchbase, including:


  • Which applications to choose
  • How to model data and JSON documents
  • When to embed or not embed objects into a JSON document
  • Data modeling using a practical data access pattern approach
  • Indexing and querying JSON documents using N1QL (SQL for JSON)
  • Lessons learned

Couchbase Data Platform’s Latest Innovations – Server 5.0 Beta & Mobile 2.0 Preview

Organizations need to constantly revolutionize their customer experience, and in today’s digital world the Engagement Database plays a critical role in delivering extraordinary experiences. Couchbase helps organizations drive engagement by providing them with the world’s first Engagement Database. The recently announced Couchbase Server 5.0 and Couchbase Mobile 2.0 feature the latest set of major innovations from the Couchbase Data Platform. Curious to know more? Join this webinar to see what’s new in Couchbase Server 5.0 Beta and Couchbase Mobile 2.0 Preview.

Resize Couchbase Instances with No Downtime in Any Environment on DC/OS

In this webinar, viewers will learn the ways Couchbase is built to solve the most pressing issues facing app developers today, including scalability, fault tolerance, and availability. Join Jack Harper, senior solution architect at Couchbase, and Ravi Yadav, technical partner manager at Mesosphere, to learn more about Couchbase and DC/OS.

Driving digital innovation with Couchbase in the Microsoft Azure cloud

In this webinar, Ben Lackey, Director of Partner Architecture at Couchbase and Rafael Godinho, Senior Software Developer Engineer at Microsoft will discuss the architecture of Couchbase and why it’s ideal for cloud applications that require speed, scale, and flexibility. In particular, they’ll cover Couchbase’s:

  • Homogenous architecture for quickly scaling and easily maintaining clusters
  • Rack awareness and how to ensure reliability by leveraging Azure availability sets
  • Cross datacenter replication (XDCR) for geographically distributed deployments

IOT Everywhere: How Verizon powers fast, scalable enterprise IoT with Couchbase

Today's consumers demand that the products and services they buy connect to the world around them. To help businesses meet that requirement, Verizon launched ThingSpace, an innovative IoT development platform that allows its enterprise customers to build and connect their own IoT applications. Verizon chose Couchbase NoSQL to power the platform due to the massive scale of its deployment and the company's need for high availability, flexibility, and sub-millisecond latency.

Understanding NoSQL document databases: Architecture and code

NoSQL databases vary considerably in terms of ease of use, reliability, performance, and scalability. The challenge for architects and developers is to understand what those differences mean, and how they can affect the success or failure of your project. What looks great on paper or in the lab may not perform as expected in real-world production scenarios.
In this webinar, we’ll compare the two leading document databases – Couchbase and MongoDB.