PayPal + Couchbase

Anil Madan ofPayPal Presented at Couchbase SF 2013

The talk will illustrate PayPal’s usage of Couchbase to light up several distinct use cases. First it will go deep into the PayPal Media Network Advertising Pipeline and the application of Couchbase to build a scalable cross channel audience profiling, segmentation, identity mapping & frequency capping. It will share some benchmarking numbers which helped us tune our performance. We will also look into how we integrate it with our Informational Retrieval (Elastic Search) systems. Second it will cover its usage for Real Time Analytics - as a backend for highly interactive business metrics reporting. Last but not the least it will provide an overview of a pilot to build out a cross data center Server Side Cookie Infrastructure. Along the way we will share certain patterns & practical tips which might be useful as you plan to adopt it for your enterprise.