Offline First and How GE Integrated Couchbase Mobile in Less than 90 days

Michael Hart ofGE Presented at 2015 Couchbase Connect

Today’s innovative software is providing new ways for industrial companies to gain a competitive advantage. But harnessing that potential from scratch isn’t easy. You need to bring together device connectivity, data integration and management, data analytics, cloud, and mobility all in a way that works seamlessly together and intuitively for all the members of your business. That’s why GE created Predix. In the connected world, GE field engineers work in places where offline is the norm. This presentation will examine how the Predix Experience engineering team built a platform for building applications for the industrial workforce and how Couchbase Mobile complements GE’s Offline First approach. We will look at what Offline First means and how the platform’s offline capabilities were replaced with Couchbase Mobile in less than 90 days.