Interactive Data Analytics with Couchbase N1QL

Avind Jade ofNielsen Presented at 2015 Couchbase Connect

In this session we’ll discuss how Couchbase’s query language, N1QL provided Nielsen with an interactive querying capability that significantly increased our ability to gather meaningful insights into stored client data. In this session, you will learn how we gather those insights and interact with data analytics while leveraging SQL for JSON, N1QL. For context, Nielsen’s Answers on Demand (AOD) services deliver ratings data and other information for businesses in more than 100 countries. With the inflow of massive volumes of data and the requirement to deliver highly targeted results for clients, the ability to sift through datasets quickly and effectively is critical. The AOD services need to provide powerful analytics and reporting capabilities – essentially aggregations on the fly – through an on-demand big data platform. We at Nielsen turned to Couchbase to persist client report definitions, selections, and cache enabling us to sidestep many of the limitations of relational databases operating in a multitenant environment. The Couchbase solution delivered a 50 percent boost in response time by pre-indexing metadata and gave us the ability to query against the index or target specific documents with N1QL.