How Gannett Achieved Scalability and Agility with NoSQL

Alon Motro ofGannett Presented at 2015 Couchbase Live New York

Gannett is one of America’s largest media companies. Gannett provides full national coverage through 93 local and national sites that reach 96 million total monthly digital visitors. Gannett’s total mobile reach alone hits 31 million unique monthly visitors. To support our various products we needed our stories, videos and photos to flow through our publishing system and be retrievable in a matter of seconds. In this talk we will discuss how Gannett moved away from SQL Server to Couchbase for storing updating and retrieving millions of documents. We will also discuss how we use Couchbase to power our User Generated Content. Finally we will also touch on our future plans to integrate N1QL into our new Authoring and Scheduling systems.