Getting Started with Couchbase Server: A Practical Use Case


April 18
Couchbase HQ

Santa Clara 

About the Event

Join Rob Hedgpeth at this months Couchbase Silicon Valley meetup and hear his talk on Getting Started with Couchbase Server: A Practical Use Case. We'll take a (very) brief look at what Couchbase is, and what problems it's meant to solve. From there we'll jump into the technical details for setting up your first Couchbase Server, exploring the basics around CRUD operations, querying data, and full-text search.

In order to showcase the Couchbase Server development fundamentals we'll be diving into a practical sample by setting up our own user profile store.

Join experts from Couchbase as they discuss:

- An overview of NoSQL and Couchbase Server
- Setting up your first Couchbase Server
- Basic CRUD operations
- Querying data
- Full-text search